Titanic – The Final Funnel

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Acrylic painting – 254 x 248 mm / 10 x 9¾ inches

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Titanic – The Final Funnel

Viewed from Black Head, County Antrim – Titanic leaves Belfast Lough for sea trials on 2nd April 2012.

Inspired by the idea “what would I have been doing the day that Titanic steamed up Belfast Lough if I had been around in 1912?”

I have explored this concept, from a very feminine point of view… watching wistfully as the ship departs. In the case of the sea trials, her most successful venture, as it later turned out.

My rose tinted view of the past celebrates the positive and optimistic period of Titanic’s life at home, before she departed for Southampton, Chebourg, Cobh and off into the Atlantic…

Original acrylic painting – £425.00
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