Easter Express – Poster Update

Just updated my Easter Express Poster for the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland’s 2012 Easter train rides.

Hop on Board the Easter Express!

Easter Monday and Tuesday, 9th & 10th April 2012 – 11.15 & 13.40 from Belfast Central Station to Whitehead and back.

Free Easter Egg for all ticket holding children!

Tickets £11 from Belfast Welcome Centre – Tel: 028 9024 6609.

Visit for online booking.

Easter Express - Steam Trains Ireland - Poster 2012



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Spinaker – acrylic painting in two stages

I’m always meaing to capture some of my paintings step by step as I work. But the problem is that if I get caught up in the flow of painting (which after all is what I really want to happen) then I forget all about picking up the camera to record my progress. I need to experiment with capturing the process with video, but I’ll need to work up my courage to do that!

Here at least I remembered to photograph the underpainting stage of this work – so it’s good to be able to share a work in progress…

“Spinaker” 1st stage – tonal underpainting in cadmium red

Debra Wenlock - Spinaker tonal underpainting

The overall image was so blue – blue/green that I felt I had to start with a complete contrast and picked cadmium red to sketch and then develop into a tonal underpainting.

“Spinaker” 2nd stage acrylic painting – complete!

Spinaker, acrylic painting by Debra Wenlock


The tones of red glow through to the finished piece.
I painted instinctively colour-wise letting the cadmium influence the colours I chose.

A bit looser than my usual style – I just loved painting this!




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“Yacht Race at Ballyholme”

I’m attracted to sailing in a visual sense – I love the shapes that the yachts make out there on the sea, especially a group of them racing like this. But I’ve never sailed myself. I’m a bit uneasy about the angles that those boats get themselves into at times and I feel that I need to be in a boat rather than on, or even clinging to it! So it’s good to watch, photograph and ponder on a new painting, safely from the harbour, pier, beach or pub!

Yacht Race at Ballyholme by Debra Wenlock


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Vermillion Lime – Playtime with Colour and Paint

I’ve been having trouble getting myself motivated recently – so rather than procrastinating by doing anything but paint, I’m experimenting with just painting for fun. No just about it though – seriously, fun & play can lead to the very best painting experiences and move creativity forwards in leaps and bounds. Trust me I’m a painting teacher!!! My emphasis is on strong colour combinations – contrasts, complimentaries and creative clashes. Most of all I’m enjoying myself. I’m a little nervous about sharing them, but here goes. Please let me know what you think… and do let me know if you have any anti-procrastination techniques of your own?
"Vermillion Lime" Playtime with Colour acrylic painting    


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Hello & Farewell Titanic!

Hello – and Farewell Titanic!
First of all – this is my first post – how exciting!
I suppose I have already been doing this for a while with my “latest news” page. Now it’s officially a blog, so I’ll have to update on a more regular basis. This will be a big challenge for me! Let’s see what happens…Farewell Titanic - Farewell Belfast
Farewell Titanic – Farewell Belfast painting by Debra Wenlock

I am continuing my series of paintings celebrating the positive aspects of the great ship’s existence and championing her Belfast beginnings. My painting depicts Titanic departing of Belfast for Southampton, on 2nd April 1912. Click here to see more of my Titanic paintings and Titanic greetings cards.


© Debra Wenlock retains all reproduction rights & copyright.
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