Delphi Valley Ireland

Delphi Valley Ireland – a journey into my visual memory

… and painting number one of my Advent Art Adventure 2014 – click to see them emerge!

Delphi Valley Ireland, acrylic painting by Debra Wenlock

Driving through the Delphi Valley in Connemara on route to Westport as the sun was setting recently gave me a special kind of challenge. The batteries of both camera and phone had run out of juice just when the scenery was becoming a glowing, spectacular vision of beauty – but I had to capture it somehow… Armed with only a ballpoint pen and the blank reverse pages of our rally roadbook, whilst driving along twisty roads in an open top vintage car, I drew the quickest, if wonkiest, of sketches – the best I could manage – whilst focusing on fusing the sights I was viewing into my visual memory.
I don’t have a photographic memory, so the experience and the feeling of this journey all had to be rolled up into a concentrated essence of the place and saved into my brain’s newly formatted “Delphi drive”. To be honest the lack of a camera was a blessing and gave me the freedom to just “look” – and the sketching made me look as hard, seeking to capture the pure nature of everything in front of me. I soaked it up – feasted on every moment.

This is one of the paintings – in acrylic and oil pastel – made from one of the many resulting sketches and that fused-in memory. It is a subject that I will have an ongoing creative relationship with, an evening that I will strive to capture – and a method of working that I shall seek to develop.

Buy the painting here!

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Nude in boots!

Nude in boots!

Wouldn’t it be great to make life a little easier every day? Today I’m experimenting with posting from my phone…. It’ll be interesting to see how successful this turns out to be – as I’m really hoping that it’s an extra option that will help me to blog more often.

Nude in Boots, Debra Wenlock

Back to life drawing sessions this week and I’m happy to share a study of our model Skye in watercolour and wax crayon (yes – the Crayola ones). The great thing about the crayons is they don’t let me get too precise with my drawing and help my painting to loosen up, which is nearly always my aim.

The boots aware for warmth, but they add a certain edge,  don’t you think?

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Beaming Beth – a smiling child portrait in watercolour

Beaming Beth – a smiling child portrait in watercolour

Beautiful Beth was a little more of a challenge to paint than her sister Anna, as her big smile gives me another detail to paint – her teeth!

They can be difficult to paint, as I found with one of my self-portraits – giving myself a denture-like set of gnashers that was tricky to correct.

I think I pulled it off here – with watercolour it’s not too difficult to add the gentlest suggestion of shadow – assuming the shape is convincing enough.

She looks happy – so I’m happy!

Beth - smiling child portrait in watercolour by Debra Wenlock

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Watercolour child portrait – Anna

Watercolour child portrait – Anna

After a few days break in daily painting and daily posting I’m back with a watercolour portrait of Anna.

Watercolour seems to be the perfect choice when it comes to painting children.

It’s really important to keep the painting as simple as possible when portraying youth… no unnecessary lines or shadows and a minimal number of layers of paint – the skin must appear to glow.

I had a great subject and hope that I have successfully captured her character!

Anna - watercolour child portrait by Debra Wenlock

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Downton Portraits – Lady Edith and Lady Sybil

Another double dose of Downton Portraits!

I haven’t been feeling well for the last couple of days and painting felt like too much of an effort…
but I couldn’t actually keep away from my drawing board and I found that, although I didn’t have patience for paint, I did still want to draw.

My short bursts of creativity did perk me up and at least let me feel I had accomplished something!

Lady Sybil, Downton portrait sketch by Debra WenlockLady Edith, Downton portrait sketch by Debra Wenlock

These two portraits were made in oil pastel on oil painting paper, so I could pull out my oil paints when I’m feeling better or for speed stick with acrylic paint for a mixed media finish.

I’ll add the completed Downton portrait paintings here when they are done.


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Mary, Mary – Double Downton

Mary, Mary

Had a bit of a Downton day yesterday and grabbed an old pic of the three Crawley sisters from an early series of Downton Abbey. I had in mind that I wanted to create a Fauve style portrait – Lady Mary Crawley looked just the job! I set off with my oil pastel to make a nice bold face, just using the image as a starting point… Oh yeah!
Loved painting in the loosely grand backdrop.

Slapped on some skin tones and was pleased with a passing likeness.

Then got absorbed, a little too comfy, and too precious. Couldn’t resist trying to get it just right….

Well – Mary was all scanned last night and ready to face the world first thing this morning… except when I got up this morning I thought she looked a bit too grumpy and set about turning the corners of her mouth upwards – just a bit, mind.

Well, I’ve done it now, and that wee tweek of the corners of the mouth has gone and become a whole lipstick makeover. Lady Mary is morphing into Lady Sybil (no bad thing, if you think about it) and probably influenced by the fact that I also began a painting of Lady Sybil last night at bedtime?

Now I’m doubting Downton was a good move.

Here they both are –

Lady Mary Crawley, acrylic & oil pastelLady Mary Crawley acrylic & oil pastel by Debra Wenlock

What do you think – which is more Mary?


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A Family Face

A Family Face – Remembering Auntie with a Portrait

Auntie Jean, oil pastel portrait by Debra Wenlock

A few months ago my Uncle asked if I could paint him a picture of his late wife and I collected some photographs from him for the likeness.

None of them really stood out as being ‘just’ Jean though and I worried about it for a while, despite being flattered that he had honored me with the task.

This month of portrait painting feels like the time that I must set my nervousness aside and get on with it!

So I started yesterday, gently stroking a softly coloured page with my oil pastels, just letting myself enjoy the colouring process and spending a nice afternoon with my Auntie.

I enjoyed remembering her smile and I loved the subtle blend of colours that emerged.

I’m not sure if my pastel portrait is quite Jean either, but we’ll see what my family make of it and I plan to try a watercolour too…


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Ruth as Steam Witch

Ruth as Steam Witch

I received some lovely photos of Ruth, all bewitched for Halloween Steam, at the Railway Preservation Society of Ireland’s seasonal train trips with the message:

“She wants to be painted as the witch!”

That’s just what I like to see and hear – and I was most happy to oblige.

Probably the sweetest looking witch that I have come across – I have enjoyed making the portrait a little decorative and adding a few magical swirls to the hair!

Ruth as the Steam Witch by Debra Wenlock


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Portrait in Progress

Portrait in Progress

Today was one of those days when everything less important than painting seemed to take over…

I did mean to make my Daily Face a quick sketch, but somehow was lured by the paints. This one’s from a photo of my friend Nem, who lives in Austria, taken the last time she and her family visited Northern Ireland. I love the colourful hoody she wore that day and her expression was priceless. I hope she’ll forgive me for zooming in!

Sketched loosely with red watercolour pencil on canvas, followed by scarlet acrylic to define the outline and shadows. I try to keep the colours fairly clean and fresh to start with, working through to some subtler and more natual tones to complete the portrait. Too tired to finish this evening, I’ll restart and finish with a blast of enthusiasm in the morning.

Nem Portrait in progress by Debra Wenlock

And here’s the finished portrait!

Naomi Portrait by Debra Wenlock


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Amazing Face – Here’s… Grace!

Another Amazing Face!

I’m giving Grace a little guidance with her art studies at the moment and am so pleased that she agreed to pose for my daily face project.

I took the opportunity to make a couple of contrasting portraits. One in colourful acrylic, the other a soft watercolour, inspired by the soft texture & colours of Grace’s fur headband!

Amazing Grace by Debra Wenlock Grace Face, Watercolour Portrait by Debra Wenlock


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Helen and Michael – vintage car portrait in gouache and oil pastel

Helen and Michael – vintage car portrait in gouache and oil pastel

Sitting in the recently restored Riley vintage car after it’s very first outing (if not under it’s own steam quite yet!)

Helen and Michael - Motoring, Vintage Car portrait by Debra Wenlock

Sketched in oil pastel and coloured with gouache… An unusual pairing of media, but I like to experiment.

* Update 24th October 2014

Eventually the car itself was painted orange, which gave me licence to add some complementary colour to this portrait and a glimmer of a glow to the faces – I think it worked well!

The car certainly goes magnificently – having completed a 1000 mile trip round Ireland in September 🙂

Riley TT Sprite in Bantry with Debra Wenlock

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Oil Pastel Portrait of Martin

Oil Pastel Portrait of Martin

Our friend Martin called round to loan us some old photographs to scan for a book project and was recruited to be photographed for portrait reference images.
He obliged most graciously even stricking a pose when I suggested that I hoped to put as much fun into my project as possible.

A little more tricky to capture than a straightforward view – but I’m pleased with the outcome – and I think I have achieved a likeness!

Martin - oil pastel portrait by Debra Wenlock

When drawing on a mid-toned ground I usually start by picking out the highlights in the image – this time the hair and highlights on the brow, cheeks and nose, before investigating features and the darkest areas of shadow… Then comes the colour and finally a few refinements.

The best part is when I start to recognise the character – and hopefully I have locked a little Martin glee into this piece!


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Me, Me, Me – More Self Portraits

More Self Portraits…

This time a couple of “blind contour” selfies!

Created by looking at the subject and drawing without looking at the paper…
I came across this little ink sketch yesterday and remembered how much I enjoyed the unpredictability of making these drawings and decided that I’d make one to colour-in!

Blind Contour Self Portrait Sketch, Debra WenlockBlind Contour Self-Portrait by Debra Wenlock

I’ll have to own up to just a wee bit of cheating, having made a couple of non-focused glances at the page to reposition my oil pastel.

(The colour is Winsor & Newton drawing inks – a Christmas present.)

Some wonderfully Picassoesque results can be stumbled upon using this method (without the furtive glances) and it’s a great fun way to loosen up to portraiture!

Here’s a couple more –

Blind-Contour-Self-Portrait-Debra-WenlockMaroon-Me, Self Portrait Blind Contour, Debra Wenlock

I do these as a limbering or loosening up excercise… they are always of me – for my sanity and amusement. An attempt to escape my perfectionist tendencies for a while.
A fun way out of an artistic rut maybe or a way past blank page paralysis!
I’m sharing the kind of stuff you wouldn’t usually get to see – celebrating the wonky wonders of creativity.
Not all art is born perfect.

What do you think…?

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Selfie Portrait from Life

Selfie Portrait from Life – Wax Crayon and Watercolour

This self portrait sketch had a time limit… loosely though, I can’t be too hard on myself… within an hour. I think I managed it in 40, maybe 45, minutes. Sitting on a cushion on the floor in front of the mirror wasn’t the most comfortable and helped speed things up rather well!

Selfie Portrait Wax & Watercolour Debra Wenlock

Hmmm –  I hadn’t really considered before that being slightly uncomfortable motivates getting finished quickly. I do find that I paint  more swiftly and with sharper focus when I stand… and I absolutely love to paint on the floor, which invariably leads to sore back, sore knees, paint on the rug…
There’s a mini secret here that I wasn’t even looking for – if I get stuck or slow up – move, change position, get out of the comfort zone.

Working with wax crayons and watercolour is one of my favorite mediums. I sketch with the crayons, often choosing contrasting colours that burst gleefully through the fluid paint as it is applied fairly loosely over the initial drawing.

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Daily Faces for January

Daily Faces

After a month of sticking to my commitment to post a painting every day for the whole of Advent and creating a collection of paintings of animals and birds that I loved working on, I set myself another task…

In lieu of New Year’s Resolutions I decided that I would choose something that I’d like to be painting, and stick to doing that every day for at least a month, far more productive potentially than invariably short-lived resolutions.
As I’m intrigued by faces and love portraiture it’s going to be faces… Again, I don’t want to restrict myself at all and would like this project to evolve at it’s own pace. I have already put out a call for volunteers as it would be great to meet some new faces along the way.
So if you are feeling bold, I’d love to see some of your facial expressions – send me your mug-shot… inspire me!

I do know that I don’t want to get too serious or to be taking formal commissions – for this project at least – let me show you what I can do. I’d like to have some freedom for fun as well as looking for likenesses and mess about with different media.

To set the tone a little with my first couple of paintings, I threw vanity to the wind and painted myself – complete with flying hat and goggles.

Self Portrait with flying hat & goggles, acrylic painting by Debra WenlockWatercolour Self Portrait with flying hat & goggles, Debra Wenlock




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Colourful Fantasy Birds

Fantasy Birds…

Over Christmas I’m trying to keep up daily painting without slaving away at the easel, so these lovelies are what’s emerging from my playful paint brush.

They don’t originate fully formed in my imagination but rather evolve at warp-factor speed – my imagination working intuitively alongside a speedy brush.

Boxing Day Exotic Fantasy Bauble Bird by Debra WenlockSeahorse-Sail-Bird by Debra WenlockLife is a Caberet, Birdy by Debra Wenlock

If you’re interested to see more colourful bird paintings – please click here.

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“Naughty or Nice” – Festive Dog Portrait

Dog Portrait – Who’s “Naughty or Nice” this Christmas?

Daily paintings for advent – 24rd December 2013.

Here’s Pip, and this is how she likes to spend her mornings – lazing on my tartan blanket… and doesn’t she look cozy?
She is very well behaved – and yet, there is definitely something mischievous in those eyes!

We’ll soon  find out whether she’s been “nice” enough for Santa!

"Naughty or Nice" Christmas message-Debra Wenlock

This is my last post for advent 2013 – but I will continue to paint and share the animals in my life! I hope you have enjoyed the series – and I would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or comments.

Merry Christmas x

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A Pair of Piggy Paintings

Piggy Paintings “Pigs in Pursuit” and “Peppermint Pig”

Daily paintings for advent – 23rd December 2013.

Ulster Folk Museum piglets follow their mother in pursuit of food – and later a little piggy looks happily satisfied after his munch.

These two paintings just seem to belong together.

Original pig paintings in acrylic on canvas, each measuring 8 x 8 inches.

View or Buy “Pigs in Pursuit” or “Peppermint Pig” at my Gallery Shop!

Pigs in persuit by Debra Wenlock

Peppermint Pig by Debra Wenlock

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Red, Red Robin Painting

“Red Red Robin”

My twenty-second daily painting for advent – 22nd December 2013.

Perched in our Laburnum tree after the flowers had fallen, this young robin added a complimentary red amongst the foliage. The friendliest fellow in the garden – and another sweet song!
Not so much a Christmas robin… with the shortest day just passed I’m already looking forward to spring and summer.

Red Red Robin Painting by Debra WenlockOriginal robin painting in acrylic on canvas, measuring 8 x 8 inches.

View or Buy at my Gallery Shop!

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“The Littlest Birds sing the Prettiest Songs” Zebra Finch Painting

Zebra Finch Painting – “The Littlest Birds sing the Prettiest Songs”

My twenty-first painting for advent – 21th December 2013.

A resident of the aviary at Ward Park in Bangor – another favourite (is that allowed?)

The zebra finches are chirpy and pretty like the chorus of this Be Good Tanyas’ song:

The Be Good Tanyas – Littlest Birds [Official Music Video]

Zebra Finch, acrylic & oil pastel, the littlest birds sing the prettiest songs by Debra WenlockOriginal finch bird painting in acrylic and oil pastel on paper, measuring 8 x 8 inches.

View or Buy at my Gallery Shop!


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Fantasy Sea Bird Painting – painting process

Fantasy Sea Bird Painting – and a little about the painting process…

My twentieth painting for advent – 20th December 2013.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to paint – or I’m just too indecicive and there are so many options…

I consulted a sketchbook – and found some quick sketches done at the beach in the summer – birds. OK – use the shape.

Sea bird sketch, Debra Wenlock

What about colour… pick out some colours I like from my favourite tin of oil pastels.

Debra's Neopastel box and selection

What next… a word!

Bird, Debra Wenlock

Some colour and pattern – painted quickly and intuitively – not worrying about what it will become.

Just beginning and background – here’s the start.

Bird & colour, Debra Wenlock

… and at some point I sketched in the bird shape, horizon and foreground with oil pastel,

got carried away with painting, doodling & pattern and forgot to take record any more stages, until –

Fantasy Sea Bird - colour & pattern, Debra Wenlock

And that was him finished. ( I really like those wee colour sample doodles I did on the left – I see spirals showing up in some future paintings.)

Fantasy Sea Bird, oil pastel & acrylic painting by Debra Wenlock

The finished article… but what kinda bird is it?

I think the original sketch was of a gull looking out to sea.

For now he’s my fantasy sea bird and I’ll be hoping to spot him standing on a rock one day soon.


Original sea bird painting in acrylic & oil pastel on stretched canvas, measuring 8 x 8 inches.

View or Buy at my Gallery Shop!


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“Graham the Gull” a pointillist seagull painting

“Graham the Gull” – a pointillist portrait of a seagull

My nineteenth painting for advent, 19th December 2013.

Back to the beach with my camera where I managed very few decent photographs… The gulls just seemsed to blend into the water and all other wildlife was moving too quickly for the poor light conditions. But sometimes a good painting can be inspired, or rather – informed, by a bad photo… and, as I so enjoyed the pointillist approach that I tried on my recent sandpiper painting, I decided  that I’ll create a mini series of dotty sea birds.

This one is named after my brother Graham – who seems to enjoy making pun-fueled comments on my Facebook Art Page.


Graham the Gull seagull painting by Debra WenlockOriginal seagull painting in acrylic on stretched canvas, measuring 8 x 8 inches.

View or Buy at my Gallery Shop!




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Sam the Lamb painting

Sam the Lamb painting

My eighteenth painting for advent, 18th December 2013.

As Christmas approaches are my animals becoming a little more festive?

I haven’t been to a nativity play for a long, long time… maybe since I was in one myself, as a shepherd. Ahh – maybe this is my lamb!


Sam the sketchy Lamb by Debra WenlockOriginal painting in acrylic on stretched canvas, measuring 8 x 8 inches.

View or Buy at my Gallery Shop!



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“Ewe with a View” – sheep landscape painting – step by step

“Ewe with a View” sheep painting

My seventeenth painting for advent, 17th December 2013.

With a panoramic backdrop of Belfast Lough and the Antrim Hills, this ewe and her brood really have to be the most scenic sheep in the field.

I remembered to photograph the painting as I worked to give an indication of how the painting process works…

I don’t always begin the same way – but for this subject, with interlocking forms, I chose to create a quick “drawing” first.

Firstly sketching the main shapes with watery burnt sienna paint, and immediately filling in the darkest areas of background to set give contrast and beginning to give form in the mid toned areas.

Ewe with a View tonal, Debra Wenlock

I added broad areas of background colour – to set the scene.

Ewe with a View colour, Debra Wenlock

The ewe and lambs were then given colour, form and texture and a little extra detail added to the scenery and forground to complete the painting.

Ewe with a View by Debra Wenlock

All finished – my sheep landscape – “Ewe with a View”!

Original acrylic painting on stretched canvas, measuring 8 x 8 inches.

View or Buy at my Gallery Shop!

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“This Little Piggy”

This Little Piggy Painting – is my sixteenth painting for advent, 16th December 2013.

On the rampage,  this boisterous fella charges out for a feed… his morning snack is a pile of turnip peelings.

He’s not having roast beef but, then again, he’s not going to market either – turnip is just grand!

Original pig painting in acrylic on stretched canvas – measuring 8 x 8 inches.

View or Buy at my Gallery Shop!

"This Little Piggy" Acrylic Painting by Debra Wenlock



















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Lazy Daisy – cow painting

Lazy Daisy – Cow Painting

My fifteenth painting for advent – 15th December 2013 is another cow painting!

Sometimes I remember to take a camera when I take a walk first thing to record inspirations for paintings. The cows in the field at the edge of the village were having a lazy morning. This one glanced round at me, but all were taking it easy, having a lazy morning… bovine bliss!

Lazy Daisy - Debra WenlockThis original cow painting in acrylic on stretched canvas – measures 8 x 8 inches.

Click here to Buy at my Gallery Shop, or just….

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“Baxter” Spaniel Painting

“Baxter” …I believe!

My fourteenth painting for advent – 14th December 2013.

This is the same gorgeous puppy that featured in my first painting for advent… I just couldn’t resist painting him again, this time in acrylics.

Met at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum’s hill climb event in June, I’m pleased to be  painting a fellow motorsport enthusiast

…and since my previous posting I’m reliably informed that he’s called Baxter.

See for yourself how irresistible he is!

Baxter the Spaniel by Debra WenlockOriginal Spaniel Painting – in acrylic on stretched canvas – measures 7 x 9 inches.

View or Buy at my Gallery Shop!

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Dancer the Donkey

Dancer the Donkey Painting

My thirteenth painting for advent – 13th December 2013.

Stopping to change direction whilst vintage rallying, we met this soft nosed donkey and asked her the way. OK so we were a little lost, but she was worth stopping for. We did really well after this deviation and won a placing for our day’s effort. Thanks Dancer!

I’m naming her after one of Santa’s reindeer, as she helped to guide us on our way that day – I hope she’d be honoured.

Dancer the Donkey acrylic painting by Debra WenlockOriginal donkey painting in acrylic on stretched canvas – measures 8 x 8 inches.

View or Buy at my Gallery Shop!

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Pointillist Percy the Purple Sandpiper

“Pointillist Percy the Purple Sandpiper” Painting

My twelth painting for advent – 12th December 2013.

Another friend from the shore…

I took a few photos, which were rather grainy – but that doesn’t matter for painting inspiration, I just need shape and a bit of colour – a starting point… and I’m off.

The graininess in fact prompted a pointillist approach, which I love!

I’m bedazzled by pointillism.

I’m dotty about dots and dabs of bright colour!

Pointillist Percy the Purple Sandpiper painting by Debra WenlockOriginal Sandpiper Bird Painting – in acrylic on stretched canvas – measures 8 x 8 inches.

View or Buy at my Gallery Shop!

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Primary Parrot

“Primary Parrot”

My ninth painting for advent – 9th December 2013.

Another resident of Ward Park Aviary in Bangor – and happily employing a full rainbow of colours in the painting… including some pearlescent ones.

The edges of the canvas are rich metalic gold – so, no need to frame!


Original Parrot Painting in Acrylic on stretched canvas – this parrot portrait measures 8 x 8 inches.

View or Buy at my Gallery Shop!

Primary Parrot Painting by Debra Wenlock


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Cockerpoo Puppy – too cute?

Cockerpoo Puppy Painting

My eighth painting for advent – 8th December 2013.

A cross between a cocker spaniel and a poodle.

Just one of the breeds or hybrids recommended for those, like me, with a nose that is unfortunately sensitive to animal fur. Hypoallergenic spaniel alternative for the alergic dog-lover?

Could this be your dream dog?


Original Cockerpoo Puppy Portrait Painting in Acrylic on stretched canvas – this dog portrait painting measures 9½ x 12 x 1½ inches and the painting wraps over the edges.

View or Buy at my Gallery Shop!

Cockerpoo acrylic painting by Debra Wenlock

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“Yawn the Yorkie” Puppy Portrait Painting

“Yawn the Yorkie”? or – Name the doggy

My seventh painting for advent – 7th December 2013.

“Tired Teddie” – “Snoozy Sukie” – “Dilly Daydream”…

Dosing under a chair whilst his/her owner enjoys a coffee – this little cutie caught my attention. A must-paint dog portrait subject.

Now that I’ve captured the wee mite in paint, I’m wondering what to call him or her – can you help?

Original Puppy Portrait Painting in Acrylic on stretched canvas – this painting measures 8 x 8 inches and the painting wraps over the edges.

View or Buy at my Gallery Shop!

Yawn the Yorkie, Puppy Portrait Painting by Debra Wenlock

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Light and Shade the Sunshine Sheep Painting

“Light and Shade – the Sunshine Sheep”

My sixth painting for advent – 6th December 2013.

What – more sheep?

Also spotted at Shane’s Castle the same day that I met the young Ewe, but from a more distant viewpoint.

Shady sheep definitely had the right idea.
I kept dodging under the shade of a big tree whenever possible myself and was exceedingly grateful for factor 50 suncream.
I guess what prompts me to post these images right now – as winter begins to really take hold – I am feeling the need to bring a little sunshine back into my life – and yours!

Original Painting in Acrylic on stretched canvas – this painting measures 8 x 8 inches and the painting wraps over the edges.

Buy or View at my Gallery Shop!

Light and Shade the Sunshine Sheep, acrylic painting by Debra Wenlock


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Lovejoy the Lovebird Painting

Lovejoy the Lovebird Painting

My fifth painting for advent – 5th December 2013.

A bit of a rogue with a glint in his eye – crafty, slightly shady, but definitely a charmer – this fella’s got it all. The star of the show at the aviary in Ward Park in Bangor, he’s my favourite anyway…

A Violet Masked Lovebird, and yes, he is looking at you!

Original Lovebird Painting in Acrylic on stretched canvas – this painting measures 8 x 8 inches and the painting wraps over the edges.

Buy or View at my Gallery Shop!

Lovejoy the Lovebird by Debra Wenlock

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“Ewe Looking at Me?”

“Ewe Looking at Me?” Sheep Painting

My fourth painting for advent – 4th December 2013.

I befriended this wooly lamb at Shane’s Castle at Randalstown, County Antrim whilst marshaling at an Ulster Vintage Car Club driving event. We bonded between driving tests on, what must have been, the hottest day of the summer.
I’d like to think she enjoyed the display of vintage vehicles as much as the extra company that afternoon.

Original Painting in Acrylic on stretched canvas – this painting measures 8 x 8 inches and the painting wraps over the edges.

Buy or View at my Gallery Shop!

"Ewe Looking at Me?" acrylic painting by Debra Wenlock

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Leicester Piglet Painting

“Leicester Piglet”

I couldn’t resist – the orange background is just the colour of Red Leicester cheese – that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!

My third painting for advent – 3rd December 2013.

This fella is a rare breed and a very lucky piggy too. He lives at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, from the first litter of the year and  already a bit of a bruiser when I met him – kind of a teenager piglet, with attitude!
I think he’s looking proud or maybe a bit smug here – maybe he just realises he’s an exhibit pig – not potential bacon.

Acrylic on a deep stretched canvas – 5 x 7 x 1½ inches – the painting wraps over the edges.

Buy or View at my Gallery Shop!

Leicester Piglet by Debra Wenlock

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Maud the Friendly Moo

“Maud the Friendly Moo” – cow painting

Here’s my second painting for advent – 2nd December 2013.

Driving about on vintage rallies in the Irish countryside is a great time to get friendly with wildlife and farm animals. There are plenty of map check stops and changes of direction that necessitate stopping to say hello to the creatures over the hedge. We met Maud in County Down – she was nearly as interested in our wee car as we were in her.

An acrylic cow painting on canvas – 8 inches square.

Buy Now from my Gallery Shop!

Maud the friendly Moo by Debra Wenlock


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