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Titanic 90th Anniversary Event. Debra Wenlock & Mark Lynd Kennedy

These are light-hearted and gently nostalgic paintings of the world's most famous ship from the very feminine perspective of an artist who lives just 16 miles from its birthplace!

I am a member of the Belfast Titanic Society and have had a big interest in Titanic for over a decade, mainly sparked by involvement with a special event in my village commemorating the 90th anniversary of the great ship's loss.
Living at the mouth of Belfast Lough, it fascinates me to realise that Titanic had passed within view of my house three times on 2nd April 1912 - steaming from the Harland & Wolff shipyard, out past Bangor, Groomsport and the Copeland Islands for a day of trials in the Irish Sea, returning to Belfast briefly before heading off to Southampton, Cherbourg, Cobh and on into the Atlantic... 

Original Titanic Paintings For Sale

Click here to see photos from my Exhibition of Titanic paintings, at North Down Museum, Town Hall, Bangor, County Down,
to get a feel for their scale and see them in a real world setting.

Titanic Launch Painting by Debra Wenlock

Ladies who Launch

Crawfordsburn Titanic Painting by Debra Wenlock


Titanic Leaving Queenstown Painting by Debra Wenlock

Leaving Queenstown

Titanic Marine Gardens Painting by Debra Wenlock
Titanic, Four Funnels Painting by Debra Wenlock Titanic's Final Funnel - acrylic painting by Debra Wenlock

Four Funnels

The Final Funnel

Marine Gardens

Helen's Bay Titanic Painting by Debra Wenlock

Helen's Bay Titanic

Titanic, All Aboard Painting by Debra Wenlock

All Aboard

Painting the Titanic - acrylic painting by Debra Wenlock
Titanic - Fine Art Greetings Cards by Debra Wenlock

Titanic Greetings Cards

Painting the Titanic

Titanic bookmarks by Debra Wenlock

Titanic Bookmarks

I began this collection of paintings back in 2002 along with a series of White Star Line themed posters that decorated the venue of my village's commemorative event.

My paintings show the building, fitting out, launch and sea trials of the great White Star liner - her Belfast beginnings. I seek to celebrate that positive and optimistic period of Titanic's life and reinforce awareness of the fact that she was so much more than just the ship that sank!

Titanic Prints for Sale - Limited Edition Giclée Prints of six of my original paintings - each edition limited to only 401 high quality, fade-resistant prints. Created & printed in Northern Ireland.

Titanic Launch Print by Debra WenlockWhite Star Liners Titanic & Olympic Print by Debra WenlockTitanic, Four Funnels Print by Debra WenlockTitanic Passing Pickie Print by Debra WenlockSisters Ships, Titanic & Olympic Print by Debra WenlockQueen's Island Titanic Print by Debra Wenlock

Sold Titanic Paintings

Titanic Holywood Esplanade Painting by Debra Wenlock Titanic Passing Pickie Painting by Debra Wenlock

Holywood Esplanade

Passing Pickie

Farewell Belfast, Titanic painting by Debra Wenlock

Farewell Belfast

SisterShips Painting by Debra Wenlock

Sister Ships

Titanic well-wishers at Donaghadee Painting by Debra Wenlock

Well-wishers at

Passing Carrickfergus Castle Painting by Debra Wenlock

Passing Carrickfergus Castle

White Star Liners Titanic & Olympic Painting by Debra Wenlock

White Stars

Titanic Thompson Dock Painting by Debra Wenlock Titanic Passing Black Head Painting by Debra Wenlock Queen's Island Titanic Painting by Debra Wenlock Royal Ulster Moonlight Painting by Debra Wenlock

Thompson Dock

Titanic passing Black Head

Queen's Island

Royal Ulster

Two Pennies - Titanic Artwork - Titanic Book - Painting by Debra Wenlock

"Two Pennies"
Book Cover Illustration

Titanic Leaving the Lough Painting by Debra Wenlock

Leaving the Lough

Titanic Sea Trial Return Painting by Debra Wenlock

Sea Trials Return

Titanic Passing The Point Groomsport Painting by Debra Wenlock

Passing the Point, Groomsport

Sisters Ships, Titanic & Olympic Painting by Debra Wenlock


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