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After seeing some of my previous paintings of Titanic Susie Millar commissioned me to create a cover illustration for the book about her family's link with the true story of Titanic.

Debra Wenlock - Two Pennies

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Titanic Paintings

Susie Millar's book
"The Two Pennies - A True Story from the Titanic"


The Two Pennies, A True Story from the Titanic - Book Cover

Susie Millar is the great-granddaughter of Thomas Millar, who worked in Harland & Wolff on the construction of Titanic and then sailed on board as an engineer on the fateful maiden voyage to New York in April 1912.
"The Two Pennies" is the true story of the Millar family in the lead up to Titanic's maiden voyage. Susie runs Titanic Tours Belfast - the original & only Titanic themed tour in Belfast guided by the  direct descendant of a crew member.

The book is available for £9.95 including UK p&p

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