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My Titanic paintings show the building, fitting out, launch and sea trials of the great White Star liner - her Belfast beginnings. I live in Groomsport, a seaside village at the mouth of Belfast Lough and these paintings celebrate the positive and optimistic period of Titanic's life here at home, before she departed our shores for Southampton, Chebourg, Cobh and off into the Atlantic... A rose tinted view maybe, but it's the part of her story that interests me most and I'm passionate about showing that she's so much more than just the ship that sank!

"Passing Carrickfergus Castle"
- acrylic painting 27¼ x 19¼ inches

Passing Carrickfergus Castle - acrylic Titanic Painting by Debra Wenlock

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Escorted by tugs as she makes her way out of Belfast Lough for sea  trials, on 2nd April 1912, Titanic passes the Norman Castle of  Carrickfergus.

One of the questions behind this series of  paintings was - "what would I have been doing the day that Titanic  steamed up Belfast Lough if I had been around in 1912?"
I enjoyed  imagining the experience of Ulster people as they came out to watch the  biggest ship in the world steaming its way out into the world!

Original painting - SOLD


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