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I'm a Member of the Guild of Motoring Artists and of the Ulster Vintage Car Club too!

3 Morris Minors & Windmill Morris Special - Debra Wenlock D Wenlock-MorrisCardy'sShed, thumb Nuvolari, Nurburgring, 1935 Do your thing-

3 Morris Minors...

Morris Special

1930s Morris Minor

Nuvolari at Nurburgring

Do your Thing

Alfa Romeo Monza Tom Delaney Lea Francis - Debra Wenlock Austin Seven Chummy Austin Seven Rendezvous Austin Sevens

Monza at Monaco

Lea Francis

Austin Chummy


4 Sevens

Jackie Stewart

 Jackie Stewart 

Paddy Hopkirk rallying a Mini Cooper

Paddy in a Puddle

Yamaha Motorbike - Dave Dean


Rally Audi Quattro painting by Debra Wenlock

Rally Audi

Audi Quattro

Audi Quattro

Prince Bira racing Romulus at Crystal Palace Jersey Alvis.thumb02 Craigantlet Hillclimb Riley painting & print by Debra Wenlock Blower Bentley at Brooklands Austin 7 at Brooklands

The Prince at the Palace

Jersey Alvis

Craigantlet Riley

Brooklands Bentley

Archie's Austin 7

Debra Wenlock, Jaguar XKR, thumb

Jaguar XKR

Brooklands Riley. Freddie Dixon

Dixon Riley
at Brooklands



Cooling Down, Minerva Alfa Romeo Morris Minor Traveller Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite


Alfa Romeo

Happy Travellers

Frogeye Sprite

Rivals Fangio and Hawthorn

Rivals Fangio and

Nuvolari, victory at Bergamo in an Alfa Romeo

at Bergamo

De Dion Bouton, Klausen

De Dion Bouton,

Kawasaki Motorbike Maserati at Le Mans Austin Seven Ruby Car Portrait


Maserati at
Le Mans 1958


DeLorean, screenprint

DeLorean at the
Giant's Causeway

Connemara Riley. thumb02

Riley in

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