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Irish Grand Prix Art

My paintings here celebrate the Irish International Grand Prix, which ran from 1929 to 1931 in Phoenix Park, Dublin (Europe's largest enclosed city park), the Limerick Grand Prix 'road the houses' races of 1935, 1936 and 1938 and the Cork Grand Prix races of 1936 - 1938.

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Cork Grand Prix 1936 - 1938

Prestwich's MG wins 1937 Cork Grand Prix - Debra Wenlock

MG win at Cork

Alfa 3rd at Cork, 1937 Grand Prix by Debra Wenlock

Alfa 3rd at Cork

A Royal Blue Victory at Cork - Prince Bira 1938 1500cc Race, by Debra Wenlock

Royal Blue Victory

Alta, Ford, MG - 1937 Cork Grand Prix by Debra Wenlock

Alta - Ford - MG

Prince Bira's win at Cork, 1938 by Debra Wenlock

Prince Bira's Cork win

Limerick Grand Prix - 1935, 1936 & 1938

Around Limerick in an ERA

Around Limerick in an ERA

Limerick Grand Prix Greetings Cards

Limerick Grand Prix

Luis Fontes, Alfa Romeo Monza, Limerick Grand Prix

Luis Fontes, Alfa Monza

MG Victory at Limerick - painting

MG Victory at Limerick

Irish Grand Prix - Phoenix Park, Dublin 1929 - 1931

Irish Grand Prix Greetings Cards

Irish Grand Prix
Greetings Cards

Bugatti, Irish Grand Prix 1929


The Start, Irish Grand Prix1929

The Start

A Pair of Talbots, Irish Grand Prix 1931

A Pair of Talbots

A Monumental Slide, Irish Grand Prix 1930

A Monumental

Gough Corner, Irish Grand Prix 1930

Gough Corner

Winning MG, Irish Grand Prix 1931

Winning MG

Bentley with Autograph Hunters, Irish Grand Prix 1929

Autograph Hunters

Phoenix Knights, Irish Grand Prix 1930


Caracciola's 1930 win, Irish Grand Prix

Caracciola's 1930 win

Campari and the Phoenix, Irish Grand Prix 1931

Campari and
the Phoenix

Red Alfa Romeos, Irish Grand Prix 1929

Red Romeos

MG 1931, Irish Grand Prix


Birkinís Big Splash, Irish Grand Prix 1931

Birkin's Big Splash

Austin 7s, Irish Grand Prix 1931 Cook's Bentley passing Phoenix Park Tea Rooms Scoreboard Austin 7 at Aras An Uachtarain

Austin Sevens

Cook passes the Tea Rooms

Eireann Start

Austin at

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